Web Site Hosting

Is your business ready for a professional website? 

Are you ready to replace your @ aol, @ yahoo, @comcast, @ verizon or similar email address with profession looking email addresses... yourname@yourcompany.com?

Let your website work for you.  By hosting with T1, your website can provide:

Online Booking -   Clients book appointments/jobs online through your own calendar 

Document Directory - Our servers will store and display your business documents.  Post your service agreement, sample reports, standards of practice, and more.

Client Document Downloads -   Post your clients documents for viewing and/or printing. Don't be a victim of some unknown email server which may compress, filter, or even block your file attachments.  Our secure servers serve up your documents exactly how you want them.  You control access by assigning user names and passwords.  

Free email marketing.  Targeted HTML email can be more effective than direct mail, yet it is virtually free!  We can show you how to use targeted email to your advantage, and how to stay away from SPAM.

Fresh Content - Our websites are completely flexible. Change content or presentation as often as you wish, at no additional charge.

Standard Home Inspection Site Hosting Plan   $19.95/month

  2 Domains, 10 Subdomains
  100 email addresses
  email forwarding
  2 Databases
  5 FTP Accounts
  Unlimited Number of Pages
  50 MB Disk Space
  1GB Bandwidth (handle 500,000 visits per month)
  Security Control Panel - Password protect any document
  Complete Web Statistics/Analysis

With T1, you own your website. Do as much or as little with it as you like. You can even transfer your site seamlessly to another hosting service after one year.

If you are ready to leverage the Internet for your business, host with T1 Partners.  For more information, click here.

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